Baby has a big bump! How do I take care of it?

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Oops, baby bumped his head/knee/bum! No panic! It’s probably nothing bad, but definitely not a good experience for the little one. Here are some tips for quick relief.

Cold. After a choc, there are good changes that a bump will form. And to avoid a hardening of the bump into a big fat pigeon egg, cold can help. At cold’s contact, vessels will contract themselves and blood flow will be reduced. You can apply an ice cube in a washcloth or shower glove, so as not to burn baby’s skin upon contact. Another softer solution: fresh water soaked pads.

Arnica. Anti inflammatory, anti ecchmosis and analgesic, arnica is perfect to treat bumps and bruises. For baby, two prescription-less forms available in drug stores are indicated: granules to melt in the mouth, or gel to apply delicately on the bump with a light massage. Both can be used in complement of each other. But gel can only be applied in the absence of a cut. As always, if in doubt as your pharmacist for advice!

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Magic smooches. Hugs and kisses reassure and help the child to think about something else. Reassuring words, lots of smoothes and baby’s favourite soft toy will surely help reduce the child’s pain. In case of choc to the head, do remain vigilant for the next 72 hours. In case of doubts, a fever or unusual behaviour from your child, do not hesitate to consult your doctor or to head for a & e.

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