How do I give medicine to my child?

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How do I get baby to swallow safely with pipettes?

The smaller baby is, the smaller its protection reflex is. Which is why there is a risk of foods and liquids going the wrong way. Instead of heading for the oesophagus, the medicine goes to the bronchial tubes, keeping baby from breathing, which can vasovagal response.

You want to administer drop by drop. Place the baby is semi-seated position, not lying down. Position the pipette against the cheek and not in the back of the throat. The baby often has the reflex of sucking on the pipette and aspirating the product himself/herself. So you have to very gently press on the pump to go with the suction. You can also put the product in a bottle teat and have baby suck the teat.

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Be careful not to get confused with the pipettes. Each medicine has its own dosage, and its own pipette. Even if in both cases, weights are indicated, the ibuprofen pipette must not be used for paracetamol and vice versa, as posologies are different.

Water, bottle, what are they to be administered with?

You can dilute the medicine in a water bottle, but only if you put a tiny bit of liquid: if the child only drinks half the bottle, it won’t have all the product. This preparation should not be made too much in advance as you could lose efficiency in the product. However, it is not recommended to mix the medicine with milk. Some active ingredients (fluor, some antibiotics etc ) would not be absorbed by the body. Be careful not to combine several drugs, as certain interactions could harm the good assimilation of the active ingredients.

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Syrup, sachet, suppository, what galenic form should I choose?

You should choose a galenic form adapted to each age. From 15kg for example, paracetamol will be more adapted as a sachet than a syrup. As for suppositories? They are not   recommended because it it difficult to measure what quantity has been absorbed. There are some sub-dosage risks. The oral way is preferred.

Make sure you store medicine away from children’s reach. Once open, syrups are stored in the fridge.

What if the child refuses the medicine ?

Don’t make too much of a fuss about it. Start by explaining why it is important for the child to take its medicine. It is primordial for it to adhere to the treatment because if you force the child, you will multiply the risks of “wrong way”.

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Here are some tips:

  • change the medicine’s temperature: When it is cold, the child can taste it less.
  • Mix the medicine with fruit puree or a crushed banana. You can also give a spoonful of honey (not before 1 year) or some chocolate spread, or a frozen water lollipop.
  • For the bigger ones: get them to brush their teeth beforehand. Toothpaste numbs the mouth a bit.
  • Talk to your doctor. Sometimes tastes differs between brands and labs.

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